Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Judge a man by his actions.

The aforementioned truism should not always be taken to heart. Sometimes a man´s actions pale in comparison to his motivation and his outlook (just as sometimes the best of intentions produce the most horrendous deeds). Ostensibly Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg is a German resistance hero, killed for his attempt to assassinate history´s greatest evil. This act is about to be commemorated in a new hagiography called Valkyrie, with Tom Cruise as the lead. From what I can see, we´re going to go through the existing founding myth of conservative Germany´s innocence in the holocaust, and absolve the Wehrmacht of any responsibility for the War.

This is of course complete horseshit, Stauffenberg and pals were all planning to take over a post-Hitler Germany so they could save the dictatorship and rope the Allies into joining them in going to war with the Soviet Union, whilst mobilising all that nice slave labour from the East and in the concentration camps for the war effort. There were of course thousands of genuine German heroes who gave their lives fighting Nazism, before and during the war, including a variety of assassination attempts and resistance, some detailed here.

Of course, all of those attempts were by various communist and anarchist malcontents, and we couldn´t possibly venerate people who made a genuine and sincere stand against fascism, as opposed to ultra-conservative johnny-come-lateleys who tried to save the skins of some of the worst perpetrators of Nazi brutality.

Anyway, view the alternative antifa trailer with my compliments:

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