Friday, 23 January 2009

next on Fox: change ....... Has .......... COME.

If there´s one thing that Americans don´t worry about too much, it´s ´hubris´. One day in the job and this is The Whitehouse website informing us that ´CHANGE has come to America´. Given that Obama is a declared centrist, with no controversial opinions of anything whatsoever, in the midst of a wholesale crisis of American capitalism and confronted by one of the most entrenched political castes on the planet, all determined to keep their noses in their respective troughs. Perhaps a little humility might be in order at this point. You know, maybe wait a bit for declaring that the world will finally and permanently altered beyond all recognition.


Jim Jay said...

"with no controversial opinions of anything whatsoever,"

Are you sure about that?

I mean he keeps banging on about climate change - I'd have thought in large parts of America that's *quite* controversial.

He also made a strong statement on lobbyists massively curbing their power, and has just over turned the ban on funding organisations involving abortion at home and abroad... I think quite a lot of people may have things to say about that.

Also opening up indirect diplomatic channels to Iran and Hamas (and I'm assuming some others will follow) is pretty controversial.

It's only day one and he's already done quite a few things that is far from the concensus for many Americans.

It's one thing to say he doesn't go far enough or you disagree with him on one thing or another (or everything) but I don't think being uncontroversial is one of his faults.

Jack Ray said...

I´m not taking anything he has to say on foreign policy seriously, given the incredibly conservative appointment of HRC.

Every candidate mutters something about finance reforms and special interests.

And climate change (thankfully) is not actually that controversial a thing to admit to believing in.

He´s got classic Centrist Democrat positions, I´m honestly at a loss as to why he´s anymore exciting as a politician than, say, John Kerry.

Jim Jay said...

Well, firstly I *would* have been excited had Kerry beaten Bush at the last election and I am slightly at a loss as to why the left haven't been celebrating the demise of Bush (not necessarily now due to the tragic circumstances in Gaza, but post Nov 4th)

Secondly - closing Guantanomo isn't just saying - these are executive orders. The abortion stuff isn't a press release - it's the new policy.

Plus symbolic actions like freezing pay show instincts that are far from centrist. I don't see him as a socialist by any means by the way - but criticism, when its due, should be fair - otherwise it doesn't mean anything.

Jack Ray said...

I don´t think there´s anything unfair in describing Obama as a centrist.

I don´t see any of that as being profoundly different from the last administration, other than perhaps in emphasis.