Saturday, 18 July 2009

Footballers I don't get

It being the Summer, with football teams frantically running around trying to pick up new players. They're always full of players I don't get. People whose value seems to grossly out of proportion to their talent, whose quality is invisible to their supporters, who a bewildering array of managers think are the business. This summer seems to be a busy one for "the inexplicables", particularly with a suspicious number of them being relegated last season.

As of this moment, someone has signed Stewart Downing for 12m, despite already having two ostensibly far better wingers. Another team has signed Emmanuel Adebayor for 25m, despite him being a lazy, arrogant tosser with a terrible first touch, and this team already have 6 other forwards (not only that but the money will go towards strengthening one of the main rivals)! Someone else has signed quick, but positionally rubbish full-back Glen Johnson for 17m, despite positional play actually being the most important thing about a full-back. The disease is not restricted to these shores and someone was mug enough to pay 9m for Didier Zakora and offer Jermaine Pennant a hefty contract. Fraizer Campbell, stand-out terrible on every Premier League appearance to date, apparently trumps the actually rather good Djibril Cisse for another manager.

Who next on the wheel of ridiculous?


John said...

I can only think that Young is on the way out of Villa. You're right otherwise.

See this one?

Jack Ray said...

even if Young was off, I still wouldn't put Downing at the head of my list of signings, and other clubs have a long-standing interest in him too (Tottenham for instance). On the other hand O'Neill's never had much of an interest in continental shopping.

Don't suppose your blog name has anything to do with our number 9?

Good article that. Never been much of a fan of the "sport is evil school of thought", always sounded too much of a bullied schoolboy argument.